Standard to Custom, We Have a Solution For Your Platform !

Highly skilled engineers & field proven expertise for Air, Land, Naval and Avionics solutions.

We use standard power components and integrate them into custom power solutions. KOLT’s solution for Air, Land, Naval and Missile platforms designed to save volume, reduce weight, cost and space.


Missile Power Conversion Systems

Power distribution and supply management for missile systems governed by very high-reliability requirements.

With optimized architecture and efficient distribution throughout the system, we aim to increase reliability and durability. Processing and data gathering features on these systems enhance the chance to catch faults, errors and increases the maintainability by making it easier to identify technical problems on the system.


Onboard Power Systems

KOLT’s solution for onboard power systems designed for distributing, regulating and providing highly efficient electrical power throughout the aircraft system without having any reliability issues when it matters the most.

Our expertise on the subject can reduce time, cost and risk for designing, testing, validating and certifying on your next project.


Armored Vehicle Power Systems

On-board devices that modern military vehicles have such as sensors, radars, communication systems and weapon systems require robust and highly reliable power systems.

KOLT’s integrated power solutions for armored vehicles provides a safe, quiet, continuous and reliable alternative without requiring any user intervention.


Electronic Safety Arming and Ignition Units

KOLT’s electronic safety and arming units and ignition unit solutions can be integrated most weapon systems. These include but not limited to; Torpedoes, Explosives, Warheads & Engines of missiles, Rockets and Air defense systems.

Aim of these solutions to get related weapon systems ready for activation and deal with the ignition before it finally fires.


Smart Ammunition Power Solutions

KOLT’s smart ammunition solutions designed for offensive and defensive usage for firing weapon systems, which have relatively immediate consequences.

With our carefully designed electronic equipment, these weapons and ammunitions can have target acquisition, aiming or fire control and course correction features for field combat.

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